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I am Archita Nayak. I live with my parents and two siblings. We belong to OBC community. My village is situated in the Balianta block, Khordha District of Odisha, having 200 nos. of households. The village is situated near the river side, due to which agriculture is the primary livelihood source for our village people. My father is a farmer and my mother a homemaker. My father’s income is Rs 2000 per month that he earns after selling the little agricultural product that he grows in 1 acre of land. They belong to BPL family.We have an asbestos roofed house having 2 nos of rooms. We have toilets facility and tube well which is used for drinking and bathing purpose. I have always been active in sports and love to play with my brother. I am also good at studies.But this did not make me my parent’s favourite. They always loved my brother more than me. This often made me feel left out and depressed. I always missed the love and affection that my brother was getting. Even if my favourite dish was prepared, it was first served to my brother and later to me. One day Iheard about the adolescent group of girls that was formed in my village. I started participating in the adolescent group meetings and was made aware about issues related to health and hygienic practices, internal health problems, exploring skills, and understanding one’s rights.  After regularly attending the adolescent group meetings, I could get back my confidence and again started going to the school. I stood first in my class. I knew nothing could stop me now. I started motivating my friends those who were not attending school regularly.I was praised by all my teachers &community people.The most phenomenal thing that happened to me was the changing behavior of my parents towards me. They started supporting my education. They started taking care of me like that of my brother. When my mother used to cook my favourite dish, she would keep it for me, and when I return from school she would serve it. This has immensely boosted my confidence, and I now dream of achieving my career goals of becoming a famous painter. 

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