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Celebrating Silver Jubilee Year


Sisusabha (Child Rights Club) members during village council meetings commanded over Gramsabhas (Village Council) of Kusuda & Nachinda grampanchayats of Bhogarai in Baleswar of Odisha and got constructed roads to village schools & planted trees for social forestry ………… 

Voice of children…..

To quote the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, “If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children

The children of 2 GPs namely Khusuda and Nachinda on 15th August, 2009, on the eve of Indian Independence, proved the fact behind the voice of Gandhi, when they raised certain issues in their respective Gramsabhas.


Gramasabha is a process, as per Govt. manual, organized six times a year as part of mandatory practice. In addition Collector and Sarapanch can call meetings in case of emergency.15th August meeting is one such day.


PECUC, in 18 villages of Bhograi block in Balasore, established Sisu Sabha in the intervention areas. The volunteers discussed with children various issues related to child rights, current topics, issues pertaining to their own village and school, etc.


The children gradually started questioning how the problems of their locality can be solved and what they can do in this regard. They got the idea of Gramsabha where they have the right to participate. So the children of two GPs gathered and discussed to find out common points to be raised and chalked out plans to raise the issues in the Gramsabha.


The opportunity came on 15th August. Children of Khusuda and Nachinda GPs along with the field coordinator and volunteers present over there. Prior to this the Field Coordinator of PECUC informed the PRI members regarding children’s participation in Gramasabha.  


In kusuda GP. Children put some issues, such as :-

  • road communication to the school
  • immunization not done in proper process
  • no electrification in Village Dobadia
  • reconstruction of school building at Krushnapur UP school
  • develop strategy in village level to face disaster
  • proper drainage
  • supply of drinking water.


In Nachinda : the issues raised are-

  • creation social forestry in village
  • develop strategy in village level to face disaster
  • No road communication to the school
  • proper drainage
  • supply of drinking water


In both the cases the Sarapanchs were astonished seeing the courage of children. All the members present over there praised the steps taken by children. The Sarapanchs promised to consider the issues.


The effort of children brought colour when the road connecting to school in Ramdeichak in Khusuda was constructed. Similarly, in case of Nachinda the sarapancha along with the children plant trees in the open areas to create social forestry.


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