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Celebrating Twenty Eight years of Service

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MANORAMA FEELS THE GOODNESS OF BEING IN SCHOOL Poverty pusses’ families migrate to urban areas in search of better livelihood. But life in urban areas is not all that cool and comfortable as perceived by common men. On reaching the urban centers, the families form a part of the urban poor. They lose identify and feel embarrassed. Both man and women are required to work and nobody there in the family to look after children. The circumstances no longer allow children access education. Children encounter different levels and forms of protection issue.  While, the girls stay at home to perform household duties or accompany their parents to support them in their work; the boys wander aimlessly, pick up rag picking or enter labour force for handful of money.   Name of the child: Miss. Manorama Degal Name of the father: Sabera Name of the mother: Umabati Siblings: 2 sisters Name of NCLP school: Ashok Nagar, Bhubaeswar MANORAMA FEELS THE GOODNESS OF BEING IN SCHOOL Manorama, the main character in the present context passes through similar circumstances, unless and until she was enrolled


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