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End Violence Against Children
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The story of BishnuPriya Mohanty an old single woman would bring tears in the eye of the strongest man of the world. She was not only alone but also hopeless for the future. Though the neighbors are not behaving badly with her but she is always being doubtful of getting her daily food for survival.

She has lost her husband at her young age and the responsibility of 5 young girls came to her own shoulders. She didn’t excuse herself from this and worked hard to nourish her childrens. Her husband who was an innocent man was sleeping at someone’s house and the enemies of that house owner thought that the landlord was sleeping. In a preplan approach they burnt that house and it made Bishnupriya to be widow forever. After all these she made her self bold and nourished each girl properly. They all got married and living happily. After few years it was truly difficult for old Bishnupriya to move and do her daily duty and there was no source of income.

Therefore the younger daughter came to take care of her and it brought happiness to Bishnupriya. The young daughter decided to stay at Kusuda and to serve the old lady. But the will of God was diverse, how could one change the desire of Almighty. While cooking food for her mother her cloth caught fire and within a span of moment she was badly burnt in front of Bishupriya. That incident took her life and poor lady became alone once again, one can imagine the heart breaking scene of a burning daughter in front of her incapable mother.   At this time even more uncontrolled emotional stocks broke down Bishnupriya. She was like crazy and could not even decide how to survive in this resting age.

After that she also has to face the hazardous consequences of Cyclone Phillin and followed by Heavy flood. grief after grief, unfortunate old lady was sick and there was no money for treatment and nobody was there to give her loan as she would not able to return them back. She was eating at others houses. A grand child of Bishnupriya came to stay during that difficult time but he can not assist her financially as he was very young.

Old Bishnupriya in crying voice:

"I don't know why it happned to me. I was innocent and did not harm anybody. God behaved mercilessly with me. After the heavy flood I was infront of death and the aid from PECUC saved me from that. May God bless the angels those helped this old lady during the most difficult days"

The team PECUC reached at the courtyard of Old Bishnupriya and supported her in unconditional cash transfer program Rs7500/- with support from Save the children & ECHO. Her happiness was unspeakable during that moment. She was crying after getting the money. She went to the hospital and got treated immediately, brought necessary food materials. She has saved a little amount for future use. Now the daughters came forward to help her, but she was extremely grateful for the help during the complicated days of her life.          




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