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End Violence Against Children
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Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment is the process of enabling young individuals to cultivate their skills, knowledge, and confidence while offering opportunities for participation in decision-making and assuming control over their own lives. PECUC dedicates its efforts to nurturing holistic development among youth, nurturing them to evolve into the vanguards of positive change within society. Although PECUC's involvement with young people predominantly centres on environmental protection and ecological stewardship, equal importance is attributed to nurturing their skills, potential, leadership prowess, artistic expressions like theatre and street plays, income generation abilities, and active citizenship. This multifaceted approach is realised through an array of activities, ranging from campaigns, training, and capacity-building programmes to income-generating activities and active participation in forums and platforms on local, national, and international stages. PECUC's engagement also extends to environmental conservation endeavours, encompassing initiatives like block plantations, household yard plantings, institutional tree plantings, avenue plantations, and social forestry. Furthermore, the organisation spearheads sensitization campaigns, raises awareness on various issues within communities, organic farming, imparts training on natural resource management, protects biodiversity, manages waste, conserves water, practises rainwater harvesting, and even fosters bird nest creation.PECUC invests in shaping a promising future by enabling young individuals to harness their potential, become contributing members of society, and ultimately illuminate the path towards a brighter tomorrow.


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