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   Dharanidhar farmer’s group Cultivating Their Livelihood

   Hiramani Back to School

   Hurdles Could not Block Way for Munda Sahi Village

   ECOSAVERS YOUTH –Change agent for Environment protection

   A step out from Home made them entrepreneurs

   Saving Environment…Lizzi being a Catalyst

   A new dimension in her life

   Self-confidence changed the life

   Ecological rights protected by responsible youths

   A bird came out of cage ……

   A bird came out of cage ……

   Learning has lighten skills and aspirations

   Dream come true

   “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait"

   Victory- Community join hands together and bring the change

   CRPC members initiative

   Ward Member……who believes in karma

   Rekha Naik

   Soudamini- a woman Sarpanch on a mission

   Santilata praises PECUC for humanitarian support

   “Service to Mankind is Service to GOD”

   Woman is not only a home-maker but also a change maker.

   Unity in vision & thought created history at Jamunaposi.

   Farmers Club a boon to farmers

   SISU SABHA played an influential role to stop child labor

   “Women is a reflection of Generosity”

   Youth Network Club’s effort was an asset to indigenous group...

   Self help group empowers women decision making power

   “Tiny Liza gets pleasure in going to school”

   “School Chalo Campaign”

   Togetherness can change most appalling situation.

   Inspiration recoups life into a right track

   Sanjukta Parida

   Lili Parida

   Minati Dei




   Pramila Pila, (Widow of Late Bansidhar Pila) aged about 65 years has a family of 2 sons

   Taru Naik,I am Taru Naik, born to Mr. Tima Naik and Mrs. Sambari Naik as the eldest son in Silda

   Badani Bhoi,This is the fury voice of old women of Badani Bhoi,a 70 years old person having full..

   Satya Prakash Malick,The support “replenished the needs of the deficient world”

   Rajesh Kumar Nayk,I am Rajesh Kumar Nayak, aged 12 years and son of Ramakanta Nayak of Kusuda

   Dinabandhu Naik,Dalanga is one of the tribal dominated village in Khireitangiree GP of Patna block

   Mohan Sundar Naik,Every child you encounter is a divine appointment

   Subash Kumar Tangania,I WAS SAD, but nobody came to my help.

   Manorama Swain struggles from nowhere to complete 10th class examination and survives ...

   SABITRI DAS,“How could I repay my loan amount” said Sabitri Das

    Dali Dei, 80 year of a very old woman of Saleswar village.Her nephew is now taking care of her.


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