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Odisha is one of the poorest and backward states having 47 percent of its population Living Below Poverty Line (BPL), highest among all states in India. Mono cropping, natural disaster, lack of access to and poor management of natural resources are some of the key factors leading to chronic hunger and food insecurity among the rural poor especially among the tribal people. In order to ensure sustainable livelihood for the tribal community there is a need for effective ecosystem and natural resource management. PECUC is providing technical, managerial and financial support for land and water management, agro horticulture, forestry and environment and livestock promotion for creation of alternative livelihood options and opportunity. PECUC conducts research and demonstration on appropriate agriculture Technology, promotion of Bio fertilizer and its application and integrated pest management etc. to ensure food security.

Land & Water Resource management

A mini watershed model is developed at Kothaghara a tribal village of Patana Community Development Block of Keonjhar district in Odisha and further expansion plan is on the cards with new partnership.

A unique action research model on rain fed agriculture is under operation in Domuna village of Patna CD block of Keonjhar district in partnership with WTCER, Govt. of India. (Water Technology Center for Eastern Region, Bhubaneswar)

PECUC provides support for land development and minor lift irrigation through dip bore well with command area of 23 acres at Olarbindha and Bisharpur villages of Balianta Community Development Block being managed by the end users. This has helped the community to harvest two crops (Paddy & Vegetable cultivation) in a year through crop diversification. This initiative has provided the beneficiaries 2 crops a year is drought prone agricultural land.

Compost pit

The poor and marginal farmers are given hands on training for Compost pits in order to increase the productivity of the soil and improved quality of crops. They are sensitized on importance of Bio-fertilizer. Compost pits are managed by the farmers at the hamlet/village level.  

Livestock Promotion

Livestock is a secondary means of livelihood in rural Odisha. At the time of crisis they are sold out to meet the basic requirement of life. PECUC provides support for Poultry, Piggery, Sheep, Cow and Goat to the households to improve their family income. The beneficiaries are provided training on livestock management and animal health care is organized. Dairy management training programme is organized on preservation of green fodder to make it available all through the year especially during summer.  

Farmers groups

Farmers groups have been formed and strengthened at the hamlet and village level. A federation of farmers groups has been formed to advocate for their rights. The farmers groups are trained on crop diversification, Cooperative management, production and use of Bio-fertilizers.    


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