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End Violence Against Children
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Women Empowerment

Gender Equality.....................

Embedded in the very heart of PECUC's ethos is the resolute commitment to empower women across economic and social realms, sculpting a landscape where autonomy and informed choices reign supreme. Our goal is to bridge the gender divide by enacting transformative change through a spectrum of interventions. Central to this mission is the cultivation of self-help capabilities, bolstered by tailored vocational and skill development training that unveils new horizons, pathways to alternative livelihoods, and nurtures an ecosystem where growth knows no bounds.

PECUC believe that empowered women are catalysts for progress, wielding the tools to assert their rights, unfurl their talents, and chart pathways towards societal and economic development. The ripple effects of women's empowerment extend far and wide, unfurling the tapestry of reproductive health rights and dismantling the scourge of gender-based violence and pernicious practices like child marriage. Through our endeavours, PECUC stoke the fires of change, propelling women into the echelons of leadership and decision-making forums and igniting a beacon of gender parity that illuminates households, communities, and societies at large. Yet, the empowerment of women isn't confined to their own enrichment; it is the cornerstone of a society where both genders flourish harmoniously. It is the embodiment of an inclusive, equitable order where men and women synergize their strengths, propelling the very essence of societal advancement.

PECUC's interventions at the grassroots level have borne fruit, a testament to our unwavering dedication. The tableau of progress is painted with the vibrant hues of heightened female participation in diverse programmes, underscored by engagement in leadership and decision-making forums and burgeoning economic autonomy. Our triumphs stand as a beacon, illuminating the transformative potential nestled within the spirit of women's empowerment.


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