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End Violence Against Children
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Health, Hygiene & Sanitation

Health, Hygiene & Sanitation Equal Access & Sustainable Development

Promoting health, hygiene, and sanitation practices is essential for maintaining the well-being of individuals and communities. PECUC places a strong emphasis on access to clean water, proper sanitation facilities, and good hygiene practices, which significantly reduce the spread of diseases and improve overall health. PECUC encompasses the dissemination of health information, organising health camps, bolstering the capabilities of key stakeholders, and fostering the operational functionality of community-based institutions. Educating communities about handwashing, proper waste disposal, and safe food handling can prevent illnesses and enhance quality of life. Additionally, through investments and linkages in sanitation infrastructure, such as toilets and sewage systems, PECUC also facilitates ensuring comprehensive immunisation coverage for children and expectant mothers, promoting reproductive child and mother health, enhancing nutritional standards, encouraging kitchen gardens for enriched nutrition, addressing adolescent health needs, and revitalising public infrastructure through community engagement. PECUC takes strides to raise mass awareness through informative materials, campaign initiatives, and educational drives covering preventable diseases, vector-borne illnesses, water-borne ailments, tobacco-related health risks, COVID-19 awareness, and the COVID-19 Vaccination Drive. The commitment doesn't halt there; PECUC actively engages in the creation and renovation of water sources, champions the Swachh Bharat Campaign, and demonstrates ecologically friendly waste management practices, forging a comprehensive framework for a healthier, more sustainable future.


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