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End Violence Against Children
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Deepening Democracy

PECUC believe that politics matter for human development. Reduction of poverty depends as much on whether poor people have political power as on their opportunities for economic progress and whether the people have the choice about how and by whom they are governed. But “Democracy” as a way of organizing the state has come to be narrowly identified with territorially-based competitive elections of political leadership for legislative and executive offices. The debate on ‘deepening democracy’ has therefore, evolved significance in discussing whether and how citizens should engage in the political process, to analysing how to ensure inclusiveness of participation and deepen citizen engagement in decision-making processes.

PECUC is organizing debates and discussion for political reform, campaign for voter’s awareness and analyze electoral process. Capacity building workshops are organized for the PRI members at the panchayat level, members of the Urban Local Body (ULB) and dialogue with the Legislators for ensuring fair electoral process and participatory good governance. Different activities are organized to promote gender justice in governance. Women groups are mobilized and capacitated to participate in the decision making process. 


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