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Connected with narrow mud paths and bamboo bushes the village of Badia stands at a corner of the Kusuda grampanchayat of Bhogarai Block. Like other villages the inhabitant’s works at paddy fields and few of the educated people have migrated to the district head quarters or other parts of the State for different jobs, but the percentage is very low.

Ajay Kumar Mohanty is a share cropping farmer lives with his wife and two children, Abhijit age of 19 and Itismita age of 15.He works at others field and shares the harvests with the land owner. That is the only option to maintain his livelihood and the educational expenses of two children. It was kind of manageable for Ajay to take the minimum responsibility of the family with her wife Manjulata.

After Some time an incident happened that made Ajay to put his hand on his forehead. During a check up he was informed that Abhijit is suffering from Cancer. Not only the family members but also the villagers were astonished after receiving the news of Abhijits health condition. It was unexpected as well as unfortunate. It was in that time when Ajay was in empty hand. After few days the whole area witnessed Cyclone Phailin followed by heavy flood. That was like disaster for Mohanty family of Badia. Though he had rice to eat but there were no other necessary things to survive on to that the condition of Abhijit was requiring immediate treatment. Ajay expressing

“I was completely harassed by the nature. No one was there to talk to me in that conditions as every body was thinking of their family situations, The face of my son Abhijit was dancing in front of my eyes. I threw my whole trust and responsibility on God because each and every door was closed for me. I had to take my son to cuttack Hospital, Days were like years for me. No work to initiate. The news of my condition reached to PECUC team. The rest is History….”

After he got the amount of Rs 7500/-from PECUC as unconditional cash transfer  programme with support from Save the Children and ECHO .He took his son for treatment and arranged advised healthy food and milk  for him as well as for the family. The money helped him during the days when there was nothing to earn and survive. She saved a little amount which once again helped Ajay to face the daily medicine expenses of his daughter who recently faced a dangerous accident and the left leg is totally broken, it is under rod treatment. She cannot move now. He also convey thanks to  PECUC , Save the children and ECHO .



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