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If you are in Gabagaon and steering towards the west of that deprived village of kusuda gram panchayat your eye would be bunged to see a roof less bamboo hut house right in the middle of the paddy fields. If you desire to go there to have close look to that isolated house you have to walk through the muddy water blocked throne grasslands.

Nobody has gone there since long; there lives a lady named Bayani Dandpat with her two grand children’s. A widow age about 70 and Short skinny figure. Emotionally weaker in comparison to her physical appearance. Bayani has a heartbreaking narrative in which she has gone through during the last subsequent flood situation. Before few months of this natural disaster Bayani was staying with her son, daughter in law and two grand Children’s. After the disturbance between her Daughter in law and son, the boy left home and did not come again. There was no news of him until now, few days after his disappearance the lady (daughter in law) had gone somewhere without informing Bayani and she is also missing till today.

Bayani decided to move on with her two grand Children s in this old age. Though she is suffering from different illness but kept her nerves cool and started nurturing the children’s. The elder one is two and half years old and younger just touching one and half. . Children who are supposed to feed on milk are living either on water or drained water of rice (Toraani), which, at times, Bayani has to borrow from neighbor’s house. Then the nature behaved mercilessly with that part of the world. Cyclone followed with heavy flood broke down the back bone of the daily lively hood. How could poor Bayani escape from that mighty disaster? It has even worsened her condition when her house was fully damaged .and she with her two grand children’s evacuated to the school campus and survived. When she returned back there was nothing to gain and the biggest confront was to feed the tiny babies one of whom was severely sick during that moment.

In her old voice she narrates: “I was only blaming my fate, nothing to eat and the water was too poisonous to drink. I was not thinking about me or about others. My only concerned were my grand children’s .on addition to that the elder was sick. No one was there to help me. After returning from school campus, I could not even recognize my house and completely senseless. I got some relief but what about the treatment? Day by day circumstances became worst and worst, during the course of that time someone from PECUC came to me and asked regarding my conditions and if he could help me any way. My Lord!!! Those were the sweetest counseling words I could hear after a long time…..”

During the house hold survey of Unconditional cash transfer program Bayani Dandpat was the first lady of Gabagon to receive the Unconditional financial aid and was extremely happy for that. Without any delay she took her grand child to hospital where she could able to afford the treatment as well as purchased medicines and food stuffs.  She has saved a little portion of that for making the roof of her house in appropriate time. The money not only helped Bayani during that instant but it gave her extensive hopes for the future to full fill her duties as a grandmother..With her tearful eyes and jammed old accent she thanked ECHO, Save the Children and PECUC for their tremendous deeds in Gabagaon.


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