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End Violence Against Children
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Appeal Details

Name of the students: Bimala Das, Age – 11 and Kain Das, Age -10

Village – Malliposhi

Gram panchyat: - Mushakhori

Block: Swampatna

Dist: Keonjhar. 

The village Malliposhi situated at the Patna block of Keonjhar district comprising of 120 households, as most of them belong to Schedule Castes so they basically prefer to do labor work for their sustainability. Poverty which is a curse for any kind of development is clearly visible in Malliposhi village. People are unable to fulfill their basic amenities for their families like food, education to children, proper houses, clothes and even good health. The literacy rate of this village is very low parents do not bother to send their children to school & colleges. Even after so many motivational schemes by the Central & State Government for the children it was apparently to be failure in Malliposi village. To justify this we can cite a good example of 2 girls named Bimala Das and Kain Das of this village, it is said that, “Education begins at home”, but if the environment of the home doesn’t goes as per the choice, then disturbances begins. The parents of Bimala & Kain had no idea that how education can bring a change in the behavior of children and can secure their future. As they didn’t gave importance to their children in relation to their education, health and many more things , the children also mislaid their interest & stopped going to school which lead to drop-out.  Parents were very happy to send their children to do labor work and this evolved another problem the practice of child labor. This case came into limelight of Child Club and all the members and leaders called a meeting of CRPC and discussed this matter further it came to the monthly meeting, their the members decided to take stringent action to address this issues and make a proper planning so that the children can again be enrolled in the school.  Child Club members with the help of PECUC staff organized a “SCHOOL CHALO CAMPAIGN” where they invited parents and their children proper counseling and motivating them to go to school regularly. The child club children had invited Bimala & Kain parents. They individually discussed the matter and tried to understand the actual cause behind their drop-outs, they also casted out different ways to sort out this problem. Along with this Campaign they regularly visited their houses and did counseling and made them realize the importance of education in their life. Few child club members sat with the Bimala and Kain individually and few other child club members did counseling of their parents. Time passed but the child club members never lost their hope and carried out their mission distinctly, it is said that, “If end is good then everything is good”, finally with CPC members support parents and both the children were influenced, parents were agreed to send their children to school. Bimala and Kain were very happy to be enrolled in school again because they missed their friends, teachers, school playground, books and many other things. Now both of them are regularly going to school and Shradda bhavan. Bimala is studying in Standard 5th & Kain Das in Standard 4th. Child club members are regularly monitoring the two so that they do not miss their school again and fall into the same trap.

Such type of Influential Campaign’s give a hope of ray to children to give back their blossom childhood.


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