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Appeal Details

Village: Bhalia Dala

Grampanchyat: Mirigikhoji.

Block – Patna

Dist - Keonjhar

Where In India as the fever of Swach Bharat Abhiyaan has touched its peak, but the picture of Bhaliadal (Mirigikhoji gram panchayat) of Swampatna is quite different, people still reside in the bad sanitation environment. Lack of proper water facility had made the situation very stain.  People were falling sick by drinking polluted water from ponds and other hazardous water sources. There is only one tube-well which is not sufficient to counter the demand of water of Bhaliadal people. Health condition of the people dilapidated due to diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, skin diseases. Tribal people who keep domestic animals like cow, cattle, sheep, goats, hen as one of the means of their livelihood had fallen prey of the bad situation. Lack of water had worsened the situation to an extreme point; animals were dying due to unavailability of water.  Due to extreme heat ponds and other water sources went dry and the water level of tube-wells dilapidated adding an extra pain to the wounds.  Proper water and sanitation facilities were crucial to bring back the situation into control. Safe drinking water and proper sanitation and hygiene practices had become the main point of attraction of community people. In such emergencies situation people are very susceptible to illness and even death because of waterborne diseases. In order to safeguard the availability and quality of drinking water the people of Bhaliadala wrote a Plea Application to the B.D.O for establishing one more tube-well in the village. But good work sometimes had to go through different hurdles and obstacles, similar thing happened in Bhaliadala village some of the self centered people acted as a wall in front of the work. Some of the SHG’s, PRI members with the support of PECUC staffs were able to revive the work and another tube was set-up in that area. This was possible because all of them joined hands together and were able to change the most appalling situation. Because of the tube-well people are avail to get clean water and are not falling sick which had resulted in increase in economic productivity due to good health condition. Finally we can conclude with the axiom that, “Togetherness can change the most appalling situation”


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