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End Violence Against Children
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Appeal Details

Name :  Ranjan Naik

Father :  Mantri Naik

Mother :Rajani Naik.

Village : Nuakhamana

Gram Panchayat : Rajanagar

Dist : Keonjhar.

Nuakhamana of Patna Block is one of the most uncovered areas of Rajnagar Gram Panchayat.  Total 107 households reside there and work as daily laborers. The people of this village are preoccupied under poverty, ignorance and illiteracy. They suffered from isolation in their social approach. There was an extreme urge to bring this isolated village to the mainstream of the society and envisaged them the significance of development. Illiteracy that seemed to be the barrier in the children progress, needed to be solved at outmost.

Ranjan Naik stays with his parents, brother and sister. As Ranjan parents did not want their son to go to school so they engaged him regularly to graze cattle’s, cows in fields Ranjan’s father and mother both are illiterate so they never understood the importance of education. His father works as a daily laborer and her mother is a home-maker and sometimes involves in other domestic household work. This is how they managed their family. He used to graze cows, cattle’s from morning to evening in the pasture field way from the village. Ranjan activity was not hidden from his friends, so some of his friends discussed this matter in the child club of Nuakhamana village. They encouraged Ranjan to participate in child club activities and made him realize the value of education. Ranjan and his parents were part of a good motivational camp were children like Ranjan who are been deprived from basic education and were involved in other activities like taking care of siblings, doing household works, grazing animals, working as a daily laborers in hotels, factories, etc. good support from this Camp was able to recoup their studies and maintain a happy life. CRPC member and Child Club members motivated his parents through frequent household visit and counseling Ranjan & his parents by applying different methods. The CRPC and child club members did lot of hardship to bring back Ranjan and his parents into the right track.

 Ranjan parents who were so influenced by the counseling of CRPC & Child club child that they are now regularly interacting with the teachers and attending the SMC meetings and discussing with the teachers regarding the performances of their children.   The special attention by teachers and love and affection of the peer groups made Ranjan to enjoy the school environment. Ranjan who happily enjoys all his rights always praises his friends & teachers who inspired him to join school and encouraged him to learn good things by being a part of child club.

Ranjan says,” My aim is to study more and more and become a good human being after all, for that I have to work hard and devote my maximum time in studies.” With God and my parents graces I will surely make all my dreams come true”.


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