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End Violence Against Children
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Appeal Details

Name - Liza Munda


Qualification-STD 4th

Village- Mirigikhoji

Liza Munda, Age- 10, got drop-out from school at 3rd STD because she had to take care of the siblings in their house, after her parents go out to work. The village MPV noticed & went to her house and tried to influence her parents to send the Liza to SB centre. Then both CRPC member and sisu sabha children motivate her and took her to child Motivation Camp of called “SISU SIBIRA” organized by PECUC on 24/12/2014.

After attending the camp a drastic change was seen in the behavior of Liza & her parents. Initially, her parents did not respond positively but later they had to agree with it. She is now a regular student in school and now she is studying in STD 4th in Mirigikhoji Primary school. Both Jyotiranjan and liza are now under observation of CRPC member, Sisu Sabha and Teachers.

The two children are getting the benefit of school uniforms, free books, MDM on 6 days in a week.

Both the children gave thanks to PECUC for recreating their life and helping them to lead a happy life.


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