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End Violence Against Children
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Appeal Details

Name: Pankajini Mahakud

Husband : Bidyadhar Mahakud

Age : 27

village : PichhulaBedha

Gp: Dumuria (Swampatna, keonjhar)

In our society cases of domestic violence are increasing like the population. It is present almost everywhere and this eruption more intense just behind 4 walls of our home. Women are always being cruelly tortured both physically & mentally. It is happening in rural areas, towns, cities and in metropolitans as well .Violence against women among many communities on a regularly basis goes unreported.

Dumuria gram panchayat one of the most populous panchayat under the Patna Block, most of the people depend upon daily wages. Land and land base resources are not sufficient for them.

 Pankajini Mahakud, 27 years old women reside with her husband, father-in-law and two sons in Dumuria. Both her husband and father in law are daily laborers. The mixed income of husband and father in law is not sufficient for her family.  Both her husband and father –in –law drink alcohol on a regular basis. By drinking alcohol Pankajini was daily beaten by her husband and in-laws. Her life remains in dark and tear. Like other women who never say a word even if they are beaten severely by their husband as they thing that their husband is GOD and how cum they can oppose GOD, they become so generous that sometimes they are considered as reflection of generosity, so similar thing happened with Pankajini she never opposed her husband as a result of which the situation went worse day by day.

Pankajini lost her patience and she shared her problem with the group member. Then SHG member informed it to CRPC and youth networking group of PECUC .The CRPC member and staffs of youth network of PECUC motivated Pankajini’s husband and her father in law to give up the bad habit. The motivation camp created amazing hopes in the life of Pankajini. At first it was very difficult to motivate them as they were completely addicted to this bad substance. But Pankajini and volunteers of PECUC never gave up and kept on encouraging them. Finally the time came where both volunteer and Pankajini succeed in their misison. Pankajini’s husband visualized the demerits of consuming alcohol and both father & son withdrawn themselves from the bad habits. Now both of them give more importance to family and spend lot of time with Pankajini and her children. Her husband and father-in-law both of them are contributing to family income and living a happy and prosperous life.

Pankajini’s says “I was expecting some miracle from GOD but GOD came in form of PECUC made my life lively and full, I cannot express my happiness” while saying this words her tears rolled over her cheek.


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