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Appeal Details

Name: Santilata Das

Age: 24 years old

Place-Kela Sahi, Kargil Slum, Bhubaneswar

District-Khordha, Odisha

Kargil Slum which is situated near the highway of Bhubaneswar is considered to be one of the largest slum in Bhubaneswar as well as the smaller neighboring slums. Approximately more than 1200 HH are there who have been migrated from all over the state & outside  to look for a better life in the city. Most of them are daily wage laborers, for that these people had to work hard to earn their bread per day.

Santilata Das one of the resident of Kela Sahi, Kargil Slum lives with her husband name Tapas Das who earns his livelihood by doing driving. Though they are very poor but somehow they maintained their life-style.

In this Kargil Basti many awareness health programme is been conducted for the betterment of people, ANM, AWW take pride to motivate many pregnant women and parents to attend the immunization sessions but negligence of these people had shown them nightmares, similar case happened with Shantilata, in spite of regular visit by AWW for proper care at the time of her pregnancy as she is 8 month pregnant and this was her third attempt but because of her dame care nature she felt into a biggest trouble and she was shortage of hemoglobin in her body which was only 5%. In her last two deliveries she faced the same fate due to which she met with a miscarriage in her first pregnancy  and in second pregnancy  the child died immediately after its birth. Few weeks ago Shantilata was feeling very weak and pale because of which she was unable to stand or walk properly. This thing was informed to PECUC by Rtn Srinibas Panigrahy of Rotary Heritage & PECUC staff, they immediately took her to the Government Hospital (Capital hospital), where the doctor diagnosed her and prescribed her to take three bottles of blood & she was provided with medicines and blood freely from capital Hospital. Regular follow-up by PECUC staffs in the hospital till her discharge gave her moral boost and her health condition improved a lot. In the meantime she was provided with variety of Nutritive foods like Chhatua ,Flat rice , sugar & Horlicks  supported by Rtn Srinibas Panigrahy which added a flavor to her quick recovery from such emergency situation. Till now Shantilata is been properly monitored by the PECUC Staffs, so that she can give birth to a healthy baby. Also Executive Director ,PECUC supported her some money and Sarees to wear. PECUC staffs are regularly monitoring her and also giving counseling to both husband and wife.

For all these humanitarian support, she gave thanks to the all the staffs of PECUC, Rtn Srinibas Panigrahy  and paid a homage to Anuradha Mohanty Executive Director of PECUC for her kind love and support for to her .

In her words she opines that “Thanks a lot that during my difficult days PECUC stood with me because of which I could get a second life and now dreaming to see my child.”


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