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Appeal Details

Name: Santilata Das

Husband: Tapas Das

Age: 24


Kargil slum is situated near the Bhubaneswar airport. The inhabitants are mostly migrated from different parts of Odisha. Ninety percent of them are daily labourers and are living in a very miserable condition.

Santilata Das, 24 years old, lives with her husband in Kargil slum. Her husband is a driver by profession. She is presently 9 months pregnant and this is her third pregnancy. She was diagnosed with low hemoglobin that was only 5% when she was having seven  months pregnancy. In her last two pregnancies, she also had low hemoglobin problem for which she lost her two babies. PECUC staffs counseled her, and her husband and  took her to capital hospital for admission.  During these period, she went to the medical check-up for 3 times to Capital Hospital. The doctor of Capital hospital prescribed her to receive three bottles of blood. Then with support from the PECUC staffs  she was admitted in the Capital hospital, and three bottles of blood were provided from hospital blood bank along with medicines. PECUC staffs regularly followed up with her. RTN Srinibas Panigrahi supported with nutritious food (Chhatua), sugar, flat rice, and Horlicks to her.


Anuradha Mohanty,  PECUC supported her with 5 sarees to wear, few cash &  PECUC’s other  team members also supported her with vegetables, fruits  along with regular counseling and health check at capital hospital.


Now her health condition is improving. As per the recent report her health condition is good and the child is growing well & her hemoglobin percentage is 9.5 now.  Now her heath condition is much better than before. PECUC staffs took her for regular check up in the hospital & also giving her a visit.  According to the doctor’s prescription her delivery date is on 18th 22nd of July 2015.


 She is very much thankful for the immediate and timely humanitarian support which helped her during the time of difficulty. 


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