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End Violence Against Children
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Badapatana village under Badapatana panchayat is 1 k.m distance from Block headquarter and 40 km distance from the district headquarter.  The community people depend upon agriculture and daily wage to survive.  The socio-economic status of the community people is very poor, so along with the head of the families the other family members also joined hands for household income. 

Rekha Naik is a 16 year old girl who lives with her father Siriya Naik and mother Chandrika Naik.  Both of her parents were daily wage laborers.  The monthly income of the family was not sufficient to have two times full meal a day and lead a happy life. So, gradually the family members thought about engaging Rekha (their daughter) in labour too. Though Rekha don’t want to discontinue her study she was compelled to discontinue as a result of which Rekha dropped out in class 6th and engaged in household work. Chandrika who had a talk with a rich family of the neighbour village and engaged her daughter as a domestic worker in the family, who were paying her a sum of Rs 200 per month.   One day Rekha was identified by the Child protection committee members of the village. Then the Child protection committee members met with Rekha and shared the steps they have taken for continuation of her study. with support of her parents CPC members could bring Rekha back to home and admitted in Sradha  Bhavan. After 3 months   the CPC members  enrolled her in Kasturaba Gnadhi Valika Bidyalaya  at Batapandugandi village at Jashipur.  She was happy in continuing her study, shehas secured good marks and completed class 7th  successfully. Then  to continue her higher studies she was again  supported by the Child protection committee members and enrolled in class 8th  at Rairia Govt. Girls High School at Saharpada  and she continued her study and this year she appeared 10th examination.   Rekha pronounced  “  it’s like  getting a basket full of happiness- continuing my study  and appearing 10th examination. I am sure and confident I will pass and continue my higher study in  Anchalika mahavidyalaya, Swampatana.  After completing my education I will work as a social worker  to motivate, educate and aware people of my community to recognize Girl child education”.




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