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Tikarapada Panchyat situated near the banks of Daya River, just 10 km from the township of capital city Bhubaneswar. In Tikarapada village Pramila Swain resides with her husband Bijoy Swain who is a contractor, son Soumyaranjan Swain who studies in Sisu Mandir in STD-I & one daughter name Sushree Srabani Swain studies in Standard VI in Govt. Girls High School and mother-in-law name Sabitri Swain.

Pramila swain father was a farmer and her mother a housewife, she is having 3 brothers and one sister both her brothers are in Military and the youngest is studying. Pramila family was very poor for that reason she was unable to complete her studies. Since 23 years back she got married to Bijoy Swain.

When in 2012 elections came, the villagers, her family members, friends and relatives urged her to contest in elections. The support from villagers came because she played a leading role in solving a problem in her village, she says that “a lady who illegally captured a land near the river bank, used to misbehave with the people of tikarpada village. Whenever anyone went to river bank she used to scold that person in slag languages and even secretly collected information of every girl and women of the village and misused the information to get all credits. Even after several warnings by the Self help Women Group she repeatedly did the same thing. Then the two SHGroups members decided to take action against the women, went to her house & threw all her things and her out of the house. Then the women lodged an FIR against the SHG members, Pramila along with other women were arrested by the police. Four times they were arrested and for four times they did their bail by requesting Collector, SP. The case was solved in the lower court. People were happy that because of Pramila and other women she was able to solve this matter. So the villagers requested her to stand in the election”

Around 12 nos. of pensions scheme benefit she has given to the people. Arjun Jena a partially disable person for him she was an angel because that person and her family were unable to get any BPL benefit, for that person she wrote an application to the Sarpanch and even to BDO & was able to provide PDS to his family. She has completed about 5 lakhs rupees work order related to construction of roads in her ward. 30 HH’s got electricity under BPL category because of Pramila’s effort who gave an application to Panchayat for getting this benefit. Not only she helped her ward people to get benefit but also encourages other male ward members to compete all the work for their ward. Being the GKS president she regularly attends monthly meeting and have used GKS fund for setting of dustbins, cleanliness of village and other healthy activities for the village. For doing all this work she says, “I got this strength after getting into the ALIBHA EWRs’ Federation group which has been formed by the help of PECUC organization & THP. PECUC have always facilitated us in doing good things for people.”

Pramila, has a dream to contest in upcoming elections and hold the position of Sarpanch and deliver good duties for the sake of her people” Finally she says, “People must believe in “Work and God”



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