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End Violence Against Children
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Badapadiaposi is a village of Mushakhori panchayt of Patna block of Keonjhar district. This village is 35km away from district headquarter.  This village is mainly surrounded by green paddy fields and a little patch of jungle is seen there. The scheduled tribe and scheduled caste and some general caste people are the dwellers of this village. The dwellers of this village depend upon farming and daily wage and a less amount of people are job holders. The children of this village go 2-3km away for schooling. Due to the distance of the school the children slowly left the school and wandered here and there and even work in agricultural field, hotels in road construction work as child laborers with less money or no money. The parents also did not say anything to them. They say what they will do after studying if they are earning it will be helpful for them in managing the family. Some of the children also move outside the village to work as a child labour. By working as a child labour the education of the children was hampered a lot.

In the year 2009, when PECUC started its work it saw the pity condition of the village people and children. With a mission to make the village child labour free PECUC started to take some initiatives for the children. Firstly PECUC interacted some of the elderly person, parents of the village, it started convincing them and created awareness among them about the importance of education. After a lot of meetings, rallies they realized the importance of education.

PECUC established Sradha Bhavan, where the children came to learn in a play way manner and which will help them to increase their knowledge. The children felt free to come to SB center and learn whatever taught to them. PECUC also thought not only to educate the children but also to strengthen parents. So it established farmers club and SHG’s to strengthen their family. By coming to the SB centers regularly created interest in the heart of children and regularly they come to the center. Slowly many children came to Shradhabhawan and became a part of it. They felt as they were at home and did not like to go to their workplace. The awareness also spread among the parents they were also reluctant in sending their children to any workplace. 

The child club members conducted many rallies to create awareness among the children about the importance of education. By the efforts of child club members and some of the villagers Badapadiaposi village is now a Child Labour Free Village. All the children study in village school or nearby school and college. For this the villagers thanked PECUC for its continuous efforts to strengthen their family and educate their children which will be very useful for them in future


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