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We all are facing lots of environment hazards .In our area we saw people dying due to flood, sometimes no rain, high heat, people using chemical fertilizer & pesticides, cutting forests so on. We all are facing lots of problem. I was always thinking how deal with this situation. When PECUC didi helped us to come together & we formed the Green world ECOSAVER youth network group. The Green world ECOSAVER group is a youth network started with 17 members including both boys and girls in the age group of 16-25 years of age in our village Puranapradhan. We all are in same pace .we started working with the same passion and same dream to making a healthy environment for the benefits of not only one individual but also the whole society.   Through training and exposure the group members were capacitated to work for promoting a healthy and green environment.   Being the president of the group I used to facilitate the group meetings. The Group members sitting together discussed about different environment pollution issues and developed action plan to start actions in the village.   The members  observed different days  i.e world water day ,Earth day,  world environment day etc to  create awareness among the community on  different   environmental issues,  ban polythene use, promote organic farming,  promote kitchen gardening, installation of dust bins and use, vermin compost pit construction etc. Being the member of the group I got an opportunity to join in various State level and regional level youth conventions. I am selected as the Core team member of State level youth network. I could able to motivate  15 people to construct vermin compost pit,  18 people to do organic farming in their backyard,  installed 5 dust bins in the village.    People of the community stared ban using polythenes.I have facilitated a cycle rally by youth group of Gothalagram for organizing a cycle rally with the objective to create awareness among the community people to stop using vehicle at least one day. These activities are giving me happiness. I am enjoying all my activities relating to environment. I have planted 18 plants in my village. I am a responsible youth .I am protecting my ecological rights along with motivating others youths to do so.




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