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Appeal Details

Name :- Hiramani Munda ,Father’s name :- Reena Munda ,Mother’s name :- Balena Munda

Age:- 14 years ,Village :- Pichhulabeda , G.p- Dumuria , Block-Patna , District:- Keonjhar

Ms. Hiramani Munda belongs to a very poor family. She has five brothers and sisters. Her father works as a daily labourer. Her parents are illiterate. Hiramani was studied in class 6. During this time, her father alone was unable to maintain the family. And her mother decided to start working as a daily labourer as well to support her father for maintaining the family.

So her parents assigned her the duty to watch the goats in the house. Due to the reason, she left her study and engaged herself in the work given by her parents. She continued this type of life for two years. One member of the sishu sabha identified her and informed about it to other members of sishu sabha. All the members of the sishu sabha called her to the sabha and talked to her. After interaction, they found that she was interested for studying and joining back school. They called her to Sradha bhawan. The members of the sishu sabha also discussed the matter with and with her parents, the members of Child Protection Committee, Women group and they also discussed the matter in the village meeting.

Looking at the Hiramani’s  interest for the study, the CPC and Women group members decided to meet the Head Master of Banamahuldia ME school in the village meeting, in Pichhulabeda village the schooling was up to primary level.

The CPC and women group member visited the Banamahudia ME School six times to talk with the Head Master. During every visit, the Head Mater told them that as the admission session was over he will not be able to admit her in class 7.  At last, the CPC and SHG members together pressurized the Head Master, Cluster Resource Center Coordinator, Block Education Officer, and taking legal aid provided under Right to Education Act, they admitted the Hiramani in class 7. They also mobilized 5 books from the school for supporting her study. Now, she is very happy and continuing her studies with great zeal and high dreams.


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