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Manorama struggles from nowhere to complete 10th class examination and survives two successive years in college beyond her imagination. In her own wards “I was half-blossomed a flower” - only a 7th class student when a full stop drawn!! A trend was already active and two of her elder brothers dropped education and engaged in economic activities for the family. Manorama was the latest to join the workforce for the family in bag making. Manorama continues in that manner for about 2 years; unless and until a door reopens and she finds her lost touch with books in the year 2007. The opportunity so created by PECUC running a project school under National Child Labour Project (NCLP) in Bhainchua with support from Khurdha district labour office.

Manorama was in the said school for two years. During the time, her hard work moved her teachers discuss the matter with the school. They were happy to find the name of the child in the school register.  The head mistress reveals the possibility of Manorama appearing 10th class examination through correspondence course. It was another good day for an optimistic Monarama in school when she receives more attention from the teachers. A community support of Rs. 200 enables her purchase test papers for the final preparation. A good understanding between the project school and the high school proves fruitful when Manorama succeed success in 10th Class board examinations. Her success meets with appreciation from different quarters and promises further studies for her.


There is no looking back. Manorama has already completed two years in college and want to be a graduate – something she is looking forward for quite some time. She is no longer half-blossomed. Over the years, she is fully blossomed and blossomed with a touch of fragrance. Commenting on her progress, Rina, one of her inmates in NCLP quotes – “we feel proud and inspired”. Manorama indeed, is an inspiration for those out of school and child labours who could not but joined the package of services rendered by the NCLP School. The school as an integrated unit for lesser fortunate and under privileged children secures educational, nutritional, vocational and financial need as well. In fact, many children like Manorama, continue their studies or have completed elementary education to enjoy gainful opportunity in life. The fragrance spreads. Manorama’s family registers no further drop out. Her younger sister is upbeat and going in class 10th at present.


Child Name: Manorama Swain

Sex: Female

Class: recently appeared Plus Two final year exam

Father’s Name: Sahadev

Mother’s Name: Santilata



Siblings: Two elder brothers and one younger sister

Village Name: Bhainchua

Grampanchayata: Bhainchua

Block. Balianta

District. Khurdha, Odisha



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