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Gauri, a humble homemaker residing in the village of Purunajhinti, shared her life with her husband, Sudarshan, and their two children, a daughter and a son. Sudarshan worked as an auto driver to support their family. Gauri's life took a transformative turn when she became a member of the Savitribai Young Women's Group. Through this association, she attended group meetings and engaged in training sessions that were part of a larger project. These experiences enriched her knowledge and skills significantly.

One pressing issue in Gauri's family was the absence of a reliable water supply. Taking matters into her own hands, Gauri decided to tackle this problem head-on. She informed the local Panchayat about the issue and took the initiative to create a list of other villagers facing the same challenge. With determination, she gathered their Aadhar Card details and talked with Panchayatiraj and Drinking water department, for water pipe connections to individual households. As a result of her efforts, 35 families were able to enjoy the benefits of a consistent water supply. Gauri earned the respect and admiration of her community for her proactive actions.

However, Gauri's contributions didn't stop with solving the water supply problem. She observed that rampant garbage disposal was causing water blockages and affecting the community's hygiene. Gauri decided to address this issue as well. She submitted an application during a Gramsabha meeting, proposing the installation of dustbins in the village. Thanks to Gauri's determination, her proposal was approved, leading to the placement of dustbins throughout the village. This step significantly improved the cleanliness and sanitation of the area. Gauri's source of motivation for these initiatives stemmed from her association with PECUC, an organisation that she remains grateful to.

Gauri's story is a testament to her belief in self-empowerment and community involvement. Her famous saying, "We have to take steps to solve our own problems," underscores her proactive approach to addressing challenges. From being a housewife, Gauri emerged as a community leader, illustrating the potential for individuals to initiate positive changes in their surroundings. Her journey exemplifies the significant impact one person can have when driven by determination and a sense of responsibility for their community's well-being.


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