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Harsa Muduli and Minakshi Muduli: The Transformative Journey of Two Women from Balabhadrapur Village

Residing in Balabhadrapur village within the Kakarudrapur Gram Panchayat, these two women lead lives brimming with family commitments and scarce leisure moments. Juggling domestic duties and contributing a tad to their family finances through crafting terracotta items, particularly earthen lamps (diyas), their days were occupied. However, a transformative purpose illuminated their lives upon becoming members of the Shakti Mahila Krushi Self-Help Group, an initiative spearheaded by PECUC.

Before their group affiliation, their creative endeavours were largely confined to diya crafting. Yet, upon joining the group, they were exposed to a plethora of capacity-building workshops. These sessions encompassed organic farming techniques that emphasised cultivating vegetables using natural fertilisers over harmful pesticides. Additionally, they received specialised training in beekeeping and mushroom cultivation, paving the way for self-sufficiency. These learnings were twofold, enlightening them on both livelihood enhancement and the vital psychosocial dimension.

With time, a newfound sense of self-worth, esteem, and autonomy blossomed within them. This transformation transcended boundaries, permeating their personal lives and professional pursuits. The culmination of this evolution is evident in their present circumstances. Diversifying their efforts, they have ventured into vegetable cultivation within their fields. This endeavour not only fulfills their family's dietary needs but also generates substantial revenue through surplus produce sold at local markets. Furthermore, during moments of reprieve, their skill in crafting clay diyas continues to serve as an additional income stream.

Gone are the days when familial and household responsibilities confined them, and they accepted this as their paramount duty while overlooking their inherent potential. By actively engaging in group gatherings and communal activities and raising their voices, they have shifted their perspective. Their empowerment extends beyond the social realm to a heightened psychological emancipation. They now confidently voice their thoughts in front of others, a stark contrast to their pre-SHG participation demeanour.

In essence, their journey encapsulates the metamorphosis from limited horizons to boundless possibilities. Their association with the Self-Help Group not only harnessed their latent talents but also instilled an unwavering belief in their abilities. This story epitomises the potential of collective action to pave the way for personal growth, financial independence, and the profound realisation of one's own worth.


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